A Writer's Sonnet

Why am I a writer?
Why must pen scratch paper?

What is it that makes me
Want to tell a story?
Why think of truth, beauty,
Hope, error and duty?

Why not live, love and die?
Why tell the reason? Why?

Because in a story
Thou art freed from worry
For an hour thou art free
And then truth shall claim thee.

So ink must blot paper,
That's why I'm a writer.

I've violated all rhyme schemes here, following a (perhaps labored) scheme of aa bbbb cc bbbb aa. Does it work?
(BTW, Aliscia and Sunisha commented before I revised this post.)


aliscia said…
Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.
Sunisha said…
Too good!
The obvious... said…
hmmm a goood one

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