The sleep that comes to all

I am the candle's dimming glow,
I am the quake that fells the tower.
I am the rust that blunts the plough,
I am the graceless fall from power.

I am the vine-enwreathed bower.
I am the silent stringless lyre.
I am the heat that wilts the flower,
I am the damp that stills the fire.

I am the end of all desire,
I am the ceaseless rest all crave.
I am the flagrance of the pyre,
I am the repose of the grave.

I am the ash to which ye fall,
I am the sleep that comes to all.

(a-b-a-b b-c-b-c c-d-c-d e-e)

The metre is a little odd, 8 beats in the b & c lines, 7 in the rest.


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