The Flying Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman

yont brattlin clood an seelent glen
tweetlin a-lood the ingine skirls
this noisome train wi lanely men
hame-comin whaur thair lassies birls

whit lends thay awe, an whit dets thirls
whit ailin mam, whit seekly bairn
thair dreams forby the train-smeuk swirls
bi new gless tour or auncient cairn

thay ken nae sang, thaur herts made airn
thair mynds full o the twalmonth tack
regairdless o loch, pen or tairn
thay anely think o whit thay lack

ay but thinkna muckle o it
Ye an A, we're an aw in it

(a-b-a-b b-c-b-c c-d-c-d e-e)


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